The Ever Changing Chameleon Club

Dubai has no shortage of nightclubs, and one of the permanent fixtures on every clubber’s itinerary is the Chameleon Club. It first opened its doors in 2011, and true to its name, it has undergone a few transformations since then. The club was last renovated in 2014, and the job was done so well that it has remained the same since, focusing on lights and the effect that ultraviolet and reflective paint can create through the inimitable style of architect, Italo Rota.

Given the opulence of the decor and the extravagance that comes with Dubai’s party scene, touching up will no doubt be required and Dubai painters will be in high demand to ensure that the club’s high standards of decoration are kept up. Insiders have often leaked that the club is kept up to incredible standards because decorators are drafted in early in the week to make sure that any tarnished spots are restored to pristine condition as soon as possible, ready for the weekend.

If you can get your name on the list, the club also has a VIP room, but even in today’s world of digital and social media interaction, how to get your name on that list still remains a mystery.

The best night on offer at this club is on Tuesdays, when Ladies Night is celebrated. As you can imagine, lots of bubbly is involved, and male heavy crowds and discouraged. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a mover and groover, then head down on a Thursday for the dance-off competition. Friday celebrates global music, and Saturday focuses on fusion music. If you want to hire out a spot for yourself and your mates, then Sunday is the day to do it with private booths, tables and rooms which are available at a premium.

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