Cielo Sky Lounge Dubai Yacht Club

If you want to eat al fresco and enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere while still enjoying all that Dubai has to offer, then look no further than the Cielo Sky Lounge.

This delightful bar and restaurant facility has some great shows to offer and you can dine just like the Mediterranean people do, under the stars with the added perk of the incredible Dubai skyline.

The decor at this exclusive venue is very much inspired by blues, pinks, and purples while using lights to bring out the best of the colours, which reflect off the white sofas and lounge chairs.

To get there, you must go to the Dubai Creek Yacht Club on Baniyas Road, Port Saed. The complex also features an 18-hole golf course, if you fancy a swing or two. The Cielo Sky Lounge opens early, but the DJs normally kick off at around 9 pm and go on till about 3 am, so there is plenty of time to catch a session or two.

It also features a chillout area, so if you just want to kick back and have a couple of drinks with friends or your spouse, you can choose to just hang out in this exquisitely decorated area. Another event, not to missed is the monthly magic show which combines music and sleight of hand to keep you entertained as the performers pull off some incredible magic tricks on the elaborate stage.

It does have more of a Mediterranean feel than the other Dubai clubs and Cielo Sky Lounge is perhaps more suited to a slightly older crowd that want to enjoy some chic cocktails in a gorgeous venue.

If you want to enjoy a tapas dinner and some cocktails with a view, this is certainly the place to be. It is wise to make a booking at least a couple of days in advance.

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